Values and Ethics
SHEDAN has implemented a code of conduct and ethics which aims to :
  • Ensure transparency.
  • Promote ethics, honesty and professionalism.
  • Promote corporate culture.
  • Set standards for professionalism and good business practices.
  • Transmit a credible and favorable image for the corporation.
  • Ensure the company’s sustainable growth and development.
Our History, since 1944

SHEDAN was founded in July 7th 1944 by Mr Charles PORELLI as “Essential Oils & Derivatives of North Africa ltd”.

SHEDAN started distilling rosemary. The warehouse has been established in Ousseltia (Governorate of Kairouan) and distillation units have been installed in the rosemary branches collect sites in Djebel Serdj in the Centre of Tunisia.

1956, a severe cold wave occurred in Southern Europe that led to exceptionally low temperatures. The severe cold has destroyed Bigaradier cultivation located in the Grasse area. With maximum urgency, Mr Charles Portelli, SHEDAN manager, was invited to Grasse by Mr Antoine Astier, a raw aromatic material supplier, and two representatives of Mane and Chiris, to study on the opportunity to produce a Tunisian Neroli oil, to cover the urgent needs of Grasse perfumers. In fact, the region of Cap Bon in Tunisia offers a Mediterranean climate similar to South East France. There were areas of orange bigarade trees and production used previously to satisfy local consumption for orange flower Hydrolat.

SHEDAN started, this year, with maximum urgency Neroli oil production.

1966: solvent extraction Units was established to produce concrete flowers. It was a response to the demand of a large number of perfumers. The technical progress and Market demand have contributed to the growth of the business.

1974: Access of Tunisian investors, entrance of Mr Hedi Slim.

2004: sixtieth birthday of SHEDAN

2008: SHEDAN become the first producer of Essential Oils in Tunisia by processing this year: one third (1/3) of Tunisian orange bigarade flowers crop.

2009, SHEDAN obtained the certificates for organic production in accordance with European standards EU and U.S. NOP.

2010, SHEDAN expanded its range of organic products to Neroli, Orange Flower Water and Petitgrain.

2014 : Seventieth anniversary.

2015 : setting up of a unit for extraction of absolutes : Oranger, Petitgrain and Jasmin.

2017 : Planting Bigaradier trees. Over 4500 trees.

2020 : development of new products : Thyme oil, Jasmin Absolute.

Our distillery is based in Nabeul: 2 road Arbi Zarouk 8000 Nabeul Tunisia. We are located in the heart of bigarade trees region: Beni-Khiar, Somaa, Dawar EL Frenine, Tazirka, Hammamet, Dar Chaabane and Maamoura.
SHEDAN is committed to sustainable development. We are achieving our objectives taking into consideration: environmental protection, economic growth, and social equity :
  • Responsible use of energy.
  • Increase efforts regarding research, development and innovation.
  • Optimal use of natural resources.
  • Recycling of industrial waste.
  • Generate economic wealth taking into account social equity and environmental protection.
  • Raise awareness regarding environmental issues and inspire employees, collaborators, Suppliers and Clients to take action to protect natural resources and environment.