Bigaradier plantations


This tree can potentially reach 7 m, but often grown within 4 m to facilitate picking.
All parts of this tree are exploited. Of course, flowers are the most interesting part. Fruits, twigs and leaves offer also many interests.
To ensure successful citrus plantation, three factors are important: sandy soil, good quality water and keeping young trees safe in the wind.
How to plant a bitter orange tree :
  • Pick a mature bitter orange. The fruit becomes mature in December.
  • Germinate the seeds in a mixture of potting soil and sand.
We have our own plantations which allow us to :
  • Ensure regular supplies of raw materials.
  • Picking control.
  • Good conservation of the raw material.
  • Ensure good quality of finished products.
  • Guarantee the full mastery of the entire organic production process.
  • Get closer to Bigaradier trees.
  • Control cost of the raw material.
  • Ecologically: composting.