We place a strong importance to quality and we are committed to continuously improve our skills, to provide complete customer satisfaction.
SHEDAN has been internationally recognized as an excellent supplier of Tunisan essential oils.
Sophisticated and advanced extraction methods and motivated, highly skilled work force ensures high quality products.
We provide efficient distribution services in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Our team ensures leading delivery times.
We guarantee that our products are 100 % pure and natural.
Research, development and innovation
We are always looking for new techniques for developing aromatic and medicinal cultivation.
We are usually looking to improve extraction and distillation methods to ensure a good product with a full aromatic profile. These researches have often improved raw materials yields.
We have set up a special unit dedicated to research on new aromatic plants.
SHEDAN Research activities are supported by our partners in the world of perfumery.
We guarantee that our products are 100 % pure and natural.
We guarantee that our products are food grade.
SHEDAN essential oils and floral waters are certified KOSHER by an internationally recognized certification body.